Of use?

31 Jan

How can this be used?


31 Jan

How do you think this can be used in the classroom?

Aside 31 Jan

How can we use this?

How can we use this in the classroom?

31 Jan

How can we use it?


31 Jan

How can you use this in the classroom?


17 Oct

9Y4 have done a fantastic job on their extended homework. Not surprisingly must of them opted to created the composite cone volcano, pyroclastic flows were plentiful we even managed to avoid some nearby cars…just.

After a fun morning of explosions and key words it’s time for a little peer assessment – please post your comments on what you think of their volcanoes.

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A waterfall mystery…Donny Daredevil.

3 Nov

All this week year 8 have been applying their knowledge of waterfalls and combining it with their skills in independent enquiry to decide how Donny Daredevil died.


Please comment and leave your opinion on how he died, don’t forget to back it up with the evidence that we saw in the lesson!